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Title: Flame by Connie Mason
Series: Flame Set #1

Tags: Wagon Train,

Published by: Leisure Books
Release Date: October 1 2001
Pages: 392

"I need a Husband and I need him now!"

When her brother was accused of murder, Ashley Webster headed west to clear his name. Although the proud Yankee was prepared to face any hardship on her journey to Fort Bridger, she was horrified to learn that single women weren't welcome on any wagon train. Desperate to cross the plains, Ashley decided to pay the first bachelor willing to pose as her husband. Then the fiery redhead came across a former Johnny Reb in the St. Joe's jail, and she couldn't think of any man she'd rather marry in name only. But out on the rugged trail, Tanner MacTavish quickly proved too intense, too virile, too dangerous for her peace of mind. And after Tanner stole a passionate kiss, Ashley knew that, even though the Civil War was over, a new battle was brewing -- a battle for the heart that she might be only too happy to lose

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