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Title: First Love Second Chances by Anita Stansfield
Series: Byrnehouse-Davies and Hamilton Saga #5

Tags: LDS/Christian Love,

Published by: Covenant
Release Date: April 1 1995
Genre: ,
Pages: 238

Emily Ladd and Michael Hamilton were college sweethearts, but Emily married Ryan because he could take her to the temple. After a decade of unhappy marriage, Emily's path crossed Michael's again, and he begged her to leave Ryan and go with him to Australia. Her choice? She would stay with Ryan and honor their temple covenants. A heartbeat later, Ryan's tragic death left her alone with three young children--and free to seek the safe and loving shelter of Michael's arms. But would it be so easy--or even possible?

Possible, yes; but true love is rarely easy. First Love, Second Chances tenderly explores Emily and Michael's deepening love--but their unique challenges are never far from the surface. Reunited in the midst or mourning and mayhem, will they be able to confront the consequences of their years apart? Can they repair a decade of battered self-esteem and overcome the barriers of guilt? Will Allison, Emily's oldest daughter, drive a wedge of uncertainty between her mother and this unpredictable Australian stranger? And will Michael's new membership in the Church be enough to sustain him through the spiritual and emotional challenges ahead?

In this riveting story of love and its many facets, Anita Stansfield has created a touching, contemporary romance that is believable, intense, uplifting, and utterly entertaining

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