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Title: Fiery Virginia Jewel by Elizabeth Leigh

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: January 1 1991
Genre: ,
Pages: 383

She was willing to learn

High spirited Glynna O'Rourke was delighted when a distant relative invited her to spend a year in London, but now the Virginia beauty stamped her shapely foot in outrage. An arrogant British tutor was coming all the way across the Atlantic to "educate" her-as if she were some illiterate and uncivilized savage who wouldn't know how to behave in London society. Well, she'd send him packing before he had the chance to open up his musty textbooks. But when Glynna caught her first glimpse of the broadshouldered aristocrat with the dove grey eyes, she decided she needed a bit of tutoring after all! She'd let him begin her education with a searing kiss and a demonstration of the three R's of lovemaking-rapture, romance, and raging desire!

He was eager to teach her

Kane Rafferty, eldest son of the Baron of Ulrich, had no desire to teach manners to a country bumpkin in the godforsaken wilds of the American colonies. But she was reputed to possess the lost Ulrich tiara that his family was so anxious to retrieve, so he'd get the unsavory job over with, grab the jewel-encrusted heirloom, and then hightail it back to England. Then he stumbled upon the rosy-fleshed Glynna emerging from her bath and decided this teaching job might not be so bad after all! He'd leave no inch of Glynna's lovely body unexplored, no word of love unpronounced, until his passionate protegee was begging for the ultimate lesson in the art of love!

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