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Title: Fearless by Helen Kirkman
Series: Warriors of the Dragon Banner #3

Tags: Dark Ages Era,

Published by: HQN
Release Date: June 20 2006
Pages: 361

Forced to watch while Vikings laid waste her lands in East Anglia, Princess Judith seeks shelter in the only kingdom left unconquered -- the court of King Alfred of Wessex. But while men may fight the invaders openly with sword and shield, Judith must seek her own vengeance -- even if that means seducing a dangerous stranger to achieve it....Einhard of Frisia owns a fleet of ships that could win the war, but his agenda calls for a more personal vendetta against an enemy who holds his only son. Yet fair Judith's pride and passion call to him, and he yearns to champion her cause, though doing so may mean he must sacrifice his own....

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