Falcon’s Desire by Denise Lynn

Title: Falcon's Desire by Denise Lynn
Series: Faucon Family #1

Tags: England-Norman Era,

Published by: Harlequin
Release Date: February 1 2003
Pages: 304

FALCON'S DESIRE - Medieval Historical Romantic Adventure.Sworn enemies...yet passion flamed between them.

Emboldened by grief, Lyonesse of Ryonne had done the impossible by ensnaring the infamous Rhys of Faucon, the blackguard who had shattered her dreams. But now imprisoned in her castle's tower, the Mighty Falcon posed an even greater threat, for his slightest touch made her heart take wing and sent her soaring...straight into his powerful arms!

The Devil Faucon, they called him, yet Rhys was pleased, for it kept his enemies at bay. Unfortunately the lovely Lyonesse counted herself among them, despite the desire that flared between them. And their uneasy truce would soon be destroyed when she learned a newfound alliance bound her to him as his bride.

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