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Title: Fair Rose by Corinne Everett
Series: Daughters of Liberty #2

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: September 1 2001
Pages: 319

From the parlors of Colonial Williamsburg to the ballrooms of Georgian England, three vibrant young women set out to shape their own destinies. Each bears the name of an exquisite flower...and each must confront a formidable challenge to win the man she loves.

A Love Without Thorns

Proud and headstrong, Lady Rose Fairchild refused to be married off in order to settle her family's debts. Having fled to the wilds of America, she's determined to take over her late father's Virginia plantation and run it on her own. She certainly didn't expect to fight a brazenly handsome American with designs on Willow Oaks.

Peter Walters is no English gentleman, and he has a low opinion of British beauties who overstep their bounds. So how can she explain the unmistakable attraction sparking between them—an attraction they're both reluctant to admit. Yet when her family conspires to whisk Rose back to England, she knows her heart belongs with Peter. Now it is Peter who must decide which matters most: a lust for land or a blossoming love with the woman who was meant for him.

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