Enchanting by Sharon Green

Title: Enchanting by Sharon Green

Tags: Warlord Heroes,

Published by: Pinnacle
Release Date: December 1 1994
Pages: 448

She created him-a handsome hero whose breathtaking adventures leapt from her computer to capture the imagination of millions. Tarren the blue-eyed Barbarian had not only swept Deanne Lane into a fantasy world...he has made her a bestselling author.
What Deanne doesn't know is that in a mystical kingdom a warrior named Tarren really does exist-a man bewitched by this emerald-eyed sorceress who demands he risk his life again and again. Now, with the help of a little magic, Tarren will take Deanne into a world of giant serpents, invinicible armies...and a magnificent love beyond her most passionate fantasies...

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