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Title: Empire of the Heart by Maura Seger

Tags: American-Turn of the 20th Century Era,

Published by: Pocket Books
Release Date: January 1 1984

For the first time in her life, she had a chance to do something for herself — and no one was going to rob her of it. She was alone in a wild, untamed land with a man who lived outside all the rules of the only world she knew. A man who didn't hesitate to go after what he wanted, whether a lost city, a golden treasure, or a woman.

Jordan Nash had resisted Elizabeth's desire to fulfill her father's last wish and find the vanished empire of dreams. But a smoldering passion lay between them, ready to burst into flames. Elizabeth might seem prudish and repressed, but Jordan saw deep within her a beautiful, sensual woman awakening, yearning for fulfillment. Together they began a quest that would reward them beyond their wildest dreams

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