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Title: Emerald Knight by Michelle M. Pillow

Tags: England-Norman Era,

Published by: Createspace
Release Date: September 23 2011
Pages: 322

Medieval Historical Romance

Intertwined by life, destined by love, torn by their very natures...

Whetshire Fortress, Wessex, 1171 A.D.
Since birth Lady Ginevra has been betrothed to Lord Wolfram, second son to the Count of Whetshire. There was never any question as to whom she would marry or who she would be. Life has been mapped out for her and she's going to live happily ever after as a Countess. However, there is one complication to her plans. Her rogue of a future husband isn't taking to their life together with open arms. In fact, he seems to enjoy finding reasons to put the nuptials off.

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