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Title: Edin's Embrace by Nadine Crenshaw

Tags: Kidnapping, Vikings,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: December 1 1989
Genre: ,
Pages: 480


The crash of a wooden club and the howl of a Norse cur forever shattered innocent Edin's dreams of marrying her childhood sweetheart. And when the svelte young beauty found herself in the grip of her betrothed's killer, Edin vowed one day she'd give the devilish invader his due. But as she hardened her heart against him, the gorgeous captive's body couldn't shut out his nearness. His broad chest heated her, his strong hands molded her...and Edin was soon longing for the ruthless raider from the North to show her his uncivilized kind of love!


Ever since his father had been murdered by a British bedthrall, fierce Thoryn Kirkynson had sworn vengeance on all the English dogs. The accursed land was for pillaging, its men meant for hard labor, and its women for illicit pleasures. Yet even as the bearded Nordic chieftain swung his axe in slaughter, he could not staunch the rush of tender feelings that flooded him when he saw the enemy princess. Loathing himself for his father's weakness, Thoryn sought not only to dominate his captive...he yearned for her whispers of love and endless hours of ecstasy in Edin's Embrace.

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