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Title: Dream Keeper by Parris Afton Bonds
Series: Dream Time #2

Tags: Australia-Various Time Periods Era,

Published by: Paradise Publishing
Release Date: May 13 2014
Pages: 245

Almost against her will, Annie Tremayne rose to the top of her family’s shipping empire in 1870’s Sydney. It was as if her grandmother’s stronghold manipulations, newspaper owner Ryan Sheridan’s powerful magnetism, and cattleman Reggie Lewis’s sensuous lovemaking were conspiring to keep her from her Dream Time outback station and reunion with her estranged twin brother. But like her mother before her, it was up to Annie to follow her own heart and find enduring love. Dream Time and Dream Keeper are Australian history on a grand scale ~ from the mind-boggling Outback to the heart-ravaging passions of Nan, Amaris, and Annie ~ and Miles, Sin, and Ryan

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