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Title: Dragon's Dream by Mary Gillgannon
Series: Dragon of the Island #2

Tags: Celtic Era,

Published by: Pinnacle
Release Date: March 1 1996
Pages: 443

It is the sixth century A.D. Maelgwn, the Dragon of the Island, is celebrated for his feats of heroism. But now he has been defeated: The tragic loss of his beloved Aurora has left him grieving and alone.

But Maelgwn has a duty to his people—and his realm. As the king, he is expected to marry again. What begins as a political union with a red-headed Celtic princess rapidly becomes much more.

Possessed of mystical powers, beautiful, sensuous Rhiannon tempts him beyond reason . . . and adores him beyond measure. In her tender arms, Maelgwn's sorrowing heart begins to heal.

But treachery is never far from the royal throne, and, soon, Maelgwn must fight as he has never fought before—to save his honor, his sons, and the woman he never dreamed he could love

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