Destiny’s Temptress by Janelle Taylor

Title: Destiny's Temptress by Janelle Taylor
Series: Southern Historical #1

Tags: Spy Heroes,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: March 12 1996
Genre: ,

Union Spy

Shannon Greenleaf had one chance to save the gracious Southern lifestyle she'd always known - but the fiery-haired beauty had to cross enemy lines to do it. And when she did, she found herself in the bedroom of the most handsome man she'd ever seen - Blane Stevens. His broad chest and rippling muscles made her yearn for his strong embrace; his dark green eyes smoldered with a deep, burning passion. So when he held her in his arms threatening to torment her until she confessed her real mission, the defiant temptress was lost. She surrendered her innocence, vowing that she'd never reveal the truth - or let him capture her heart...

Rebel Soldier

Blane Stevens could not have been more surprised than to find the intruder in his room to be as beautiful and desirable as Shannon Greenleaf. Yet there were ways of making spies talk - and Blane was a master at getting information. He took what he wanted and asked questions later, even from the innocent, young vixen in his bed. He knew Shannon was naive in the ways of love, but Blane couldn't control the overwhelming ecstasy he felt when he caressed her velvet flesh. He would sweetly torture her with pleasure all through the night, until she became his one, his only.

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