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Title: Destiny and Desire by Kathryn Kramer

Tags: Friends to Lovers,

Published by: Diamond Books
Release Date: August 1 1988
Pages: 427

A Nation in flames. A passion triumphant. The Civil War. An epic battle that pitted brother against brother, father against son, lover against lover.

It all started out so innocently. Bevin Cameron and Reeve Walker had been roommates at the university in Cambridge and had forged a strong friendship. At Harvard they had been just two students who had been able to put the conflict brewing between the North and South aside. Then, deciding to play “Cupid” between his stepsister and best friend, Bevin invited Reeve to spend the summer on his father’s plantation near Richmond, Virginia little realizing the havoc that would be unleashed.

Though Reeve was greeted with Southern hospitality, there was an undercurrent of tension as the Camerons waited to see if their state would be pulled into the quickly blossoming war. Reeve was viewed with suspicion that turned to hostility by some, but he found a kindred spirit in Allegra. When Virginia voted to secede from the Union to join with the Confederate States Reeve realized that the south was no place for a Northerner. Allegra found that she and her lover were suddenly in two different countries, two different worlds, as their lands prepared for war.

Reeve Walker was a Yankee; Allegra was the daughter of one of the richest plantation owners in Virginia. To those around them that made them enemies. But Allegra knew what was in her heart. She gave up everything to marry Reeve—but that was only the beginning. Driven by her love, she risked prison to see him, disguised herself as a soldier to save him, nursed the wounded and dying in the infamous Libby Prison just to be close to him, and when everyone said he was dead, never stopped loving him. For theirs was a passion forged in the captivating flames of love and desire.

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