Desire of the Heart by Katherine Vickery

Title: Desire of the Heart by Katherine Vickery
Series: De Bron Saga #1

Tags: England-Norman Era,

Published by: Pocket Books
Release Date: December 1 1990
Pages: 407

A radiant Saxon ambitious Norman a war-torn land, they fought for a most powerful, turbulent love!
Daughter of a once-proud Saxon family, Kendra grew to womanhood under the shadow of her family's brutal overlord, Reynard de Bron. Lovely and defiant, she aroused the Norman knight's rage - and his lust. But noble Geoffrey de Bron spared her from his brother's wrath, claiming her as his own.

Favorite of King Henry and protégé of the monarch's trusted adviser, the cleric Thomas Becket, Geoffrey struggled to deny his desire for his beautiful charge. But when Kendra offered him her innocence, he pledged his fealty to her, lord to lady...and then together they glories in the wild passion that was their destiny.

Yet Kendra could not allow her beloved to sacrifice his hopes and heritage for their forbidden union. In desperation, she fled to London - and into the path of Reynard's long-awaited vengeance. Now, as King Henry and Thomas Becket battled for the soul of England, Kendra's fate hung in the balance.

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