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Title: Desert Eden by Patricia Grasso
Series: Devereux FAmily #3

Tags: Sheikh Heroes,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: March 1 1993
Pages: 386


Ravishing, emerald-eyed Heather Devereux set sail for France to marry the Comte de Beaulieu, a man she'd never seen. But a band of Arab pirates hijacked the ship bringing the beautiful young Englishwoman as prize to their notorious Ottoman prince. Defiant, innocent Heather found herself the captive of Khalid Beg, a fiercely bold warrior who made her his slave --- and thought he could bend her to his will ...


He was called the "Sultan's Beast" feared by all but this courageous beauty who challenged him as none had ever dared before. She would be his instrument of revenge on the hated Comte de Beaulieu. But Khalid Beg could not give up his English "wildflower". He would give her luxury beyond her wildest dreams, tenderness, passion. Yet even as Heather found heaven in his arms, Khalid knew she would never be his until he gave her the one thing she most ardently desired ..

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