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Title: Desert Captive by Penelope Neri

Tags: Harem,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: September 1 1988
Pages: 448

Kidnapped from her French Foreign Legion escort, indignant Alexandria Harding had every reason to despise her nomad prince captor. He'd forced her brother to flee into the ruthless Saharan wasteland, bound and tortured the soldiers sworn to protect her—then ordered the independent firebrand to share his saddle! But as they traveled to his isolated mountain kingdom, the proper, demure Englishwoman couldn't help but be aware of the strength of his embrace and the thrumming of his heart. Without knowing when it happened, Alexandria found her hate melting into desire, with a force that could never be denied...

When the powerful chieftain Sharif Al 'Azim found the green-eyed temptress trespassing with his expansionist enemies, he knew he had to keep the sumptuous spitfire. Faced with such voluptuous beauty it was easy for the virile leader to forget that his people would demand her life in vengeance against the whites, that his jealous concubine awaited him, or that a British prisoner could start a war with the Empire. All he could see were her luscious curves, all he could smell was her scent of roses, all he could feel was her ecstatic response as he made love to his delicious desert captive

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