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Title: Defiant Embrace by Barbara Dawson Smith
Series: Defiant Fletcher #1

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: July 1 1985
Pages: 496

Setting: Colonial North Ameria

The flame in his touch...
When the bold sea captain bought her in a tavern auction, raven-haired Mirella knew she had traded one terror for another. Instead of a roomful of hooting sailors, she was now alone with a handsome stranger who intended the very worst! Her mind raced to find the quickest means of escape -- but his nearness filled her body with unfamiliar desire. Before she could utter a word of protest, Mirella's ruby lips discovered the salty taste of his skin; then her creamy flesh exulted in the new-found pleasure of being covered by his hard male frame...

The fire in her eyes...
From long experience, Jason Fletcher learned that women were trifles for an evening's entertainment. But the moment he gazed into the voluptuous wenchs smoky blue eyes, he wanted to caress her silken curves forever! Though he'd never allow himself to love the bewitching beauty, he vowed he'd cherish her and keep her as his mistress. He'd teach her to respond to the blazing heat of his passion -- and force her to surrender to the ecstasy of his Defiant Embrace.

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