Defiant Captive by Joyce Carlow

Title: Defiant Captive by Joyce Carlow

Tags: Royal Heroes, Vikings,

Published by: Zebra Splendor
Release Date: May 1 1998
Pages: 349

Brand, the Viking, came to Ireland to conquer, not be conquered. Yet when Princess Deirdre first spied him, he was in a cage, brought back to her castle to be killed. As proud as she was passionate, as brave as she was beautiful, Deirdre too felt caged for she was to wed the loathsome King Malvin. Now taking her healing herbs to the dungeon, she went to tend the Viking...and met her destiny.

Brand's gentleness astonished her; his kiss set her afire. And when Malvin took her castle in an act of betrayal, she helped Brand escape, knowing it would turn Malvin's wrath against her. Then Brand returned with his Viking band to claim her, making her his prisoner, making her breathless with his touch. But was she the spoils of war, or his beloved? Caught up in a battle between; nations, Deirdre was a defiant captive, refusing to surrender until Brand realized that love could not be won by force...but by setting it free

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