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Title: Dawn's Desire by Carol Finch

Tags: American-Reconstruction Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: March 1 1984
Pages: 446


Dressed in young lad's clothing, disguised as a road bandit, lovely Kathryn Belmont just had to get money to pay taxes on her once-magnificent plantation home. She'd take what she needed from those damn hateful Yankees and no one would ever know. But she never dreamed that the tall handsome stranger who she robbed would steal her innocence and her heart--and unlock the gates of her smoldering passion before he let her go...


Stopped on the deserted road, forced to give up his money and jewels, Adam was burning with anger. But his rage quickly turned to blazing desire when he discovered the true identity of his attacker. With one look at her coal-black hair and frightened ebony eyes, Adam knew he had to possess this tempting vixen. And when he captured her lips in a long luscious kiss, he knew he couldn't live without her--that he'd make her his forever in the light of Dawn's Desire.

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