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Title: Darkest Dreams by Jennifer St. Giles
Series: Killdaren #2

Tags: Gothic-Classic Era,

Published by: Berkley Sensation
Release Date: December 5 2006
Genre: ,

Love can unite what rivalry attempts to tear apart. Or so Andromeda thought when she journeyed to Dartmoor's End to be with her sister, recently wed to the legendary Sean Killdaren. Andromeda is hopelessly drawn to Sean's estranged twin brother and rival, Alexander Killdaren, Viscount Blackmoor. The talk of a curse won't keep her from seeking employment with Alex, cataloging the Killdaren family antiques. She hopes to use her gift of thought-reading to learn more about him—if only he will let her in.

What Andromeda sees in Alex's wicked mind arouses both fear and attraction. But there are other dangers lurking in Dragon's Cove. Women are falling prey to a deadly Druid ritual in which innocents are sacrificed. With her gifts, Andromeda knows she is bound to be the next victim—and with Alex's reputation, he's a likely suspect. Can what they feel for each other be strong enough to reveal the truth? Or will the shadow over Dragon's Cove eclipse their hearts forever?

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