Comanche Sunset by Rosanne Bittner

Title: Comanche Sunset by Rosanne Bittner

Tags: Mail Order Bride Heroines,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: July 1 1995


Mail order bride Jennifer Andrews headed for Texas ready for adventure. But when her stagecoach was attacked by Comanche warriors, the auburn-haired beauty wished she'd never left St. Louis. Then all at once the renegades were gone --- and she was being cradled in the strong arms of fellow passenger Wade Morrow. The handsome half-breed had saved her life, and though they were all alone on the vast Texas plains, she suddenly felt safer than she ever had before. For she'd finally found the man who could ease the loneliness in her soul, and bring rapture to her heart!


Though Comanche blood ran in Wade Morrow's veins, he'd been adopted by a white family as an infant, and knew nothing of his Indian heritage. Still, something in him yearned for the wild, untamed land where he was born. So he headed to west Texas to join his past with his future --- and ended up with Jennifer Andrews in his arms! Wade knew from bitter experience that no white woman would ever want him, and he tried to harden his heart against the sweet desire she awakened. But soon he realized there was no denying the passion they were destined to share in the magnificent glow of the . . . COMANCHE SUNSET!

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