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Title: Comanche Passion by Betty Brooks

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: April 1 1992
Genre: ,
Pages: 415

Auburn-haired Serena Graves had grown up wanting only one thing: to find and rescue her younger brother who'd been taken by the Comanche and raised as an Indian. Now that she was eighteen, it was time to make the journey. But there was a problem: Pecos Smith, the only man who could lead her to Buffalo Hump's camp and negotiate the rescue, was unwilling to take her. Her words fell on deaf ears; her money was ignored. As a last resort, Serena smiled . . . then felt the touch of burning flesh on hers. As her lips opened uder his kisses, Serena knew that the long journey across Texas would be filled with days of loving and nights of passion under the hot Texas sky . . . regardless of what she might find at journey's end!

Pecos Smith was a bitter, hardened man, and when he said no he meant it. The handsome half-breed had had his share of trouble with the Comanche, and the last thing he needed was the long trek to Buffalo Hump's camp on a fool's errand with a silly white girl. Hell, her brother was better off staying with the Indians anyway! But when the reckless green-eyed beauty insisted on making the journey, then whispered "Please!", Pecos's defenses crumbled. He'd act as her escort, but that's not all he'd do. He'd kiss every inch of her velvety body, run his hands through those cascades of fiery chestnut hair, and guide the lovely Serena to the heights of rapture.

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