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Title: Claiming Her by Kris Kennedy

Tags: Ireland-Various Eras,

Published by: Self Published
Release Date: May 6 2016

USA TODAY bestselling author spins a tale of scorching passion, rollicking adventure, and fun banter in this battle of wills between a conquering hero and a strong-willed heroine who has no intention of being conquered.

Irish warrior Aodh is coming home with an army.

Defying the queen of England, he leads his men on an outrageous mission to recover the windswept Irish castle he sees as his birthright. He’s lived a lifetime of battles on land and sea, crushing the opposition wherever he goes.

But he’s about the meet his match in one beautiful woman who vows never to surrender to this dark-haired avenging warrior.

Coldly confident and absolutely certain he’ll succeed, he’s blindsided byKatarina’s steely will. Aroused by her fiery spirit. Stunned to find the dormant fires of his ice-cold heart being stoked by this defiant slip of a woman.

Their battles of will–and the bedroom–fuel a passion that leaves them both scorched and stunned, forcing them to rethink every lesson ever learned about loyalty and love.

But time is running out, and armies are marching. Can Aodh win her heart in time? Or will the fire that fuels her defiance destroy everything he’s ever fought for?

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