Checkered Past by Abbyy Gaines

Title: Checkered Past by Abby Gaines

Tags: Racing Heroes,

Published by: Harlequin Books
Release Date: April 1 2009
Pages: 224

NASCAR team owner Chad Matheson is most comfortable when he's in control. But his control took a time-out during a few days in Las Vegas--and he impulsively wed hotel heiress Brianna Hudson. The marriage lasted only one night, though, before they both had second thoughts....Two years later Brianna holds the keys to a much-needed sponsorship for Chad's team, and Chad is determined to keep things between them strictly business. But he knows he's fighting a losing battle. Because where Brianna is concerned, the atmosphere is anything but professional. And the last thing he needs is anyone finding out that, legally, they're still Mr. and Mrs.!

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