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Title: Castles In The Air by Patricia Gallagher
Series: Castles Trilogy #1

Tags: American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: December 28 1983
Pages: 565

Beginning at the close of the Civil War, and sweeping forward almost to the end of the last century, Castles In The Air tells the relentless rise of beautiful, spirited Devon Marshall from a war ravaged Virginia landscape to the glittering stratospheres of New York society and the upper reaches of power in Washington.

An American epic of surging power: Castles In the Air unfolds a brilliant, luminous tapestry of human ambition, success, lust, and failure in the empire building days of our nation's vibrant past--and, in the tempestuous romance of Devon and the dynamic millionaire Keith Curtis, Patricia Gallagher creates an unforgettable love story of rare power and rich human scope.

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