Border Lord by Arnette Lamb

Title: Border Lord by Arnette Lamb
Series: Border #1

Tags: Accidental Pregnancy,

Published by: Pocket Books
Release Date: February 1 1993
Pages: 306
ISBN13: 067177932X

A Lady's Desperate Mission

The lush Scottish hills stretched before Lady Miriam MacDonald, brilliant diplomat from Queen Anne's court. She had come seeking peace between the Scots and English - and won the admiration of two special men. The kindly, awkward laird of Kildalton Castle became a trusted friend. But the Border Lord, a dashing, tartan-clad legend disquised by black midnight, swept her into his arms... and claimed her innocence.

A Lord's Unbreakable Vow

A lifetime of anguish lay behind this disguise of Duncan Kerr, laird of Kildalton by birth, Border Lord by choice. If the queen's emissary, flame-haired Lady Miriam, unmasked him, he would lose the prize he held most dear. He had meant to seduce and compromise her.. not to cherish and desire her.

A Passion That Sealed Their Destiny

By day, Miriam strove to establish harmony in the realm; by night she surrendered to forbidden pleasure with the mysterious Border Lord. Only he knew the truth, as elusive as the mists of the hills: whether he loved her passionate soul, or the promise of peace she brought to his beloved land.

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