Bluestocking Bride by Elizabeth Thornton

Title: Bluestocking Bride by Elizabeth Thornton

Tags: Bookish Heroines, England-Georgian Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: December 1 2003
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 0821775375

Educated and brilliant, classics scholar Catherine Hartland has yet to meet a man who takes her intellect seriously or views the opposite sex as anything but mere playthings. Certainly the Marquis of Rutherton is no exception, though his knowledge of Greek is impressive. Yet as much as her head demands she ignore his bold, sensual gaze, his beautifully sculpted features, and his clear intent to kiss her senseless, her heart dictates otherwise...Cynical and weary of matchmaking games, the Marquis is stunned by his own reaction to a woman so different from the docile, biddable beauties he much prefers. Catherine might be the only woman in London immune to his considerable charms, but that only convinces his she remains the only woman he has to have. And as passion makes Catherine a prisoner of her own desires, she knows the time has come to teach this arrogant gentleman a lesson in the true meaning of love..

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