Blue Heaven Black Night by Shannon Drake

Title: Blule Heaven Black Night by Shannon Drake

Tags: Jerk Heroes, Knight Heroes,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: Septebmer 1 1995
Pages: 542
ISBN13: 0821750348

She is called Elise. As lovely as a knight's dream, she conceals a shocking secret heritage: she is the illegitmate daughter of Henry II.

He is Sir Bryan Stede. Known as the Black Knight, the fierce and magnificent warrior follows no law but his own...until he beholds the exquisite Elise. His reluctant prisoner, she will become his most cherished bride.

Against the pomp and pageantry of Medieval England, this is the passionate story of a man and a woman bound by a tempestuous love...a love that all the forces between hell and heaven cannot rend asunder..

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