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Title: Blue Bayou by Parris Afton Bonds
Series: Lions and Ramparts #2

Tags: American-Antebellum Era,

Published by: Paradise Publishing
Release Date: March 2 2014
Pages: 282

From 1683 to 1803 ~
From the corrupt courts of Versailles to the windswept tracks of Montreal ~
From the sea-washed coasts of Nova Scotia to the searing deserts of Algiers ~
And from the lush marshes of Louisiana ~

The proud, aristocratic du Plessis lived, loved, and fought to reclaim what was theirs.

There was Damien, who claimed the unattainable Hèléne as his wife and took a nun as his mistress. There was Natalie, who escaped the horrors of Paris’s La Salpétrière prison to flee to the colony of New Orleans as a proxy bride selected by the handsome, mysterious half breed . . . There was Nicolas, whose dark secret shadowed the only love he had ever known ~ for his half-brother’s wife . . . There was Reinette, Natalie’s daughter, raised wild in the bayous outside New Orleans, who gave her heart to an outcast and her body to her handsome captor . . . and there was Daniel, Reinette’s son, who thirsted for vengeance and took his enemy’s daughter as hostage.

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