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Title: Blaze of Passion by Stephanie Blake

Tags: Australia-Various Era,

Published by: Playboy Press
Release Date: 1978
Pages: 464

In a breathtaking romance that races from the turbulence of nineteenth-century England to the sweltering penal colonies of the Australian jungle, from glamorous and sophisticated Paris to the wild California gold fields, from dazzling San Francisco to an earth-shattering climax of fierce passion and revenge, a beautiful woman and two determined men are relentlessly driven by the wanton winds of fate.

ADELAIDE DEERING -- the golden-haired, green-eyed vixen whose blazing beauty stirred men's strongest passions and whose bold and reckless charms snared their very souls.

CRAIG MacDOUGAL -- the dashing outlaw-turned-titan whose savage desire for Addie was matched only by his passion for plunder.

JOHN BLANDINGS -- a man blinded by insane jealousy, whose hunger for Adelaide took him from the outcountry of Australia and propelled him on a violent trek across the globe

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