Betray Me Not by Michele Hauf

Title: Betray Me Not By Michele Hauf
Series: The Saint-Sulvestres #2

Tags: Actress Heroines,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: September 1 2000
Pages: 380
ISBN13: 0821766791

Madeleine de Pellison has never lacked for courage. But now the aspiring actress is about to take on the most treacherous role of her life. To save an infant from an uncertain future, she must use her feminine wiles to seduce a suspected spy. Yet when she brazenly kisses Armand Saint-Sylvestre in the perfumed gardens of Versailles, it is she who is caught desire.

Once a daring highwayman and a notorious rake, Armand Saint-Sylvestre wants the chance to put his wicked past behind him. But when he agrees to spy for the crown, he has no idea of the danger that awaits...until he finds himself lured into a passionate tryst by the exquisite Madeleine.

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