Beloved Wife by Lynda Trent

Title: Beloved Wife by Lynda Trent

Tags: Mail Order Brides,

Published by: Harlequin Books
Release Date: November 1 1992
ISBN13: 0373287542

Not What He’d Bargained For

She was a surprise package, this mail-order bride. Feisty, practical, caring, even pretty . . . and Clay Morgan caught himself wishing he could be a real husband to her. But that would never be, for his heart was married to a memory .. . .

What Amity Becker needed was an escape. A safe haven from the scandal that haunted her. And someone who cared about her. What she got was a brooding Texas widower--with five daughters! A man whose heart was under lock and key. How could she convince Clay that she could be more than a wife in name only?

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