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Title: Beloved Deceiver by Joan Van Nuys
Series: Beloved #5

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: November 28 1994
Pages: 373

When Cain Banning sails into Boston Harbor, it is with vengeance on his mind. He will find the man who was once his father's partner—the devil who betrayed his father and carried off the beautiful daughter of the Sultan of Izmir.

But it is the bewitching Ayisha who leads Cain to his prey—her father, now a wealthy and respected businessman. Stunned by his discovery, Cain is torn by his growing passion for the daughter of the man he means to have hanged. And Ayisha, unaware of long-held family secrets, becomes the innocent pawn in a mysterious game of danger and intrigue...captivated by a love that surpasses all else.

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