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Title: Beloved Avenger by Joan Van Nuys
Series: Beloved #1

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: December 1 1989
Pages: 389

The Pearls of Naipoor—long ago, Lucian Thorne had been convicted of stealing the fabled jewels and stripped of his command. Becoming the elusive "Ghost," he sailed storm-tossed seas, preying upon the ships of the villain who had ruined him. Until the day he claimed an unexpected "cargo"—his enemy's sable-haired fiancée, Sarina Fairburn.

Immediately, Lucian vowed to steal Sarina's virtue in revenge. But in the dark, sultry nights that followed, she became far more than mere pirate's plunder. She was a fever in his blood, a delirious dream of satin skin and lush kisses. And even as he acknowledged his own folly in desiring the woman promised to his enemy, he opened his embittered heart to the passionate power of love.

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