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Title: Beguiled by Shannon Drake
Series: Regency Trilogy #3

Tags: Protector, England-Victorian Era,

Published by: HQN
Release Date: December 1 2006
Pages: 424

Ally Grayson never wanted to be a heroine she dreamed of writing great stories, not living in a fairy tale. But when she's abducted by a charming highwayman right out of a novel, Ally finds herself thoroughly enchanted. No matter that she's betrothed to another or that she has no intention of binding herself in an arranged marriage anyway.

But when Mark, her burdensome fiance, is revealed to be none other than the rogue of her dreams, Ally must make a choice: plunge into a world of murder and deceit without a protector, or place her trust in the man who lies to her but makes her heart sing."

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