Before The Dawn by Beverly Jenkins

Title: Before The Dawn by Beverly Jenkins

Tags: Native American Heroes, Spirited Heroines, Enemies To Lovers, Rags to Riches,

Published by: Avon Books
Release Date: October 2 2001
Pages: 384

Leah Barnett can't believe how far fate has carried her: from Boston to the towering Colorado Rockies...and into the life of an angry, ruggedly sexy man. Ryder Damien is not about to welcome this beauty with open arms, however, especially since Leah was the one who won the affection of Ryder's late father and now may inherit, his considerable wealth. But when she stands before him in the flesh -- proud, vulnerable, and intoxicatingly lovely -- desire replaces hatred in Ryder's heart. Yet can passion survive this wild land and its dangerous men...and the most breathtaking peril: untamed love?

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