Beauty and the Beast by Hannah Howell

Title: Beauty and the Beast by Hannah Howell

Tags: Beta Heroes, Knight Heroes, Ladies of the Knights, Arranged Marriage,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: April 1 2007
Pages: 336
ISBN13: 0821780042

On the eve of her wedding to the heir of Saitum Manor, the stunningly beautiful Gytha is shocked to learn that her betrothed, a man she barely knew, is dead. Now, she must marry the new heir, Thayer Saiturn, a battle-hardened knight known as the Red Devil...

With a face scarred in battle and a heart broken in love, Thayer has no interest in marriage. But not even the Red Devil can break the promise his foster-father made years ago and soon finds himself married to a woman whose exquisite beauty and sweet innocence intrigue him. But can his new bride look beyond his scars to find a hidden passion and undying love locked deep inside him?

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