Bear Naked by Jessica Sims

Title: Bear Naked by Jessica Sims
Series: Midnight Liaisons #3.5

Tags: Shape Shifter Heroines,

Published by: Self Published by Author
Release Date: February 12 2014
Pages: 102

Nikolina Aasen’s lived a lonely life as a single were-bear female with no compatible mate in their small clan. But when she shows signs of going into heat, her clan decides they need to pick a man who can sire her child.

Nikolina has other ideas, though. She’s thinking of someone tall, dark and handsome…who disappeared sixteen years ago.

Leif Ludvik left the bear clans behind to go totally, completely wild and bury his grief. He’s been hiding out in bear-form for so long that he hardly remembers who – and what – he is. When Nikolina finds him, she’s determined to make the sexy beast her mate no matter the cost…

But will seducing Leif get her the family she's always wanted...or destroy both of their lives?

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