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Title: Bayou Bride by Bobbi Smith
Series: Bayou Bride #1

Tags: American-South Era,

Published by: Zebra
Release Date: 1991
Genre: ,
Pages: 447

Wealthy Louisiana planter Dominic Kane was in a bind: according to his father's will, he had to find a wife within six months - or forfeit his inheritance and his plantation, Riverwood. When he saw the beautiful bondservant on the docks, he figured she'd do just fine. He would buy her papers and strike a deal with her she'd be his wife for six months...on paper. But when he claimed a kiss to seal the bargain, a fiery passion rose within him and he knew he must possess his tantalizing bride in flesh as well as in name! He'd caress her satiny skin and taste her lovely lips until her sighs of undisguised ecstasy told him she was truly his own - body and soul.

Desperate to flee the man who wanted her as his mistress, spirited Jordan St. James could find only one way to escape London: hire on as an indentured servant in faraway America. When her ship docked in the New World and a wealthy plantation owner bought her for his own, Jordan's blood raced at the sight of her handsome master. Then she heard Dominic Kane's intriguing proposition and swore she would give everything to be his bride...at any cost! When his strong arms crushed her fevered flesh inn passionate embrace, Jordan knew she must surrender to his thrilling kisses and lie in his arms for one long night of loving...no matter what the future might bring

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