Awaken My Fire by Jennifer Horsman

Title: Awaken My Fire by Jennifer Horsman

Tags: Knight Heroes,

Published by: Avon Books
Release Date: July 1 1992
Genre: ,
Pages: 392
ISBN13: 0380767015

Beloved throughout Brittany—a courageous champion in her people's rebellion against the English crown—beautiful Lady Roshelle of Reales is protected by a strange and powerful magic: death will claim any man who would have his lustful way with her.

Undaunted by any mystical curse, handsome Vincent de la Eresman, Duke of Suffolk, seeks vengeance against the stunning French enchantress for his brother's demise—vowing to lay siege to the defiant lady's barricaded heart.

But his lovely enemy will mesmerize the noble British knight with witchcraft of a far different sort—intoxicating him with her indomitable spirit and breathtaking sensuality ... and consigning his passionate soul to the vanquishing flames of a treasonous, all-consuming love.

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