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Title: Autumn Flame by Lynne Hayworth
Series: The Clan Maclean #2

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Ballad
Release Date: April 1 2001
Pages: 315

On the bloody battlefield of Culloden, the mighty Scottish clans risked everything—and like their kinsmen, the Maclean family was destroyed. Torn apart by betrayal, the three brothers Maclean will learn the price of vengeance...and sweet freedom in a woman's love.

To inherit the Virginia tobacco plantation where he worked as overseer, Diarmid Maclean had to take a wife immediately. In desperation, he bought a British bond slave as his bride—a fiery Gypsy pickpocket he'd tame into a lady, then free once his inheritance was assured. Passionate and beautiful, Lucy Graves stole Diarmid's heart and made him forget his vow to keep the marriage chaste—and temporary. But the last time he dared to love an Englishwoman, Diarmid's entire clan paid a terrible price. Now the banished Highland warrior must slay the ghosts of his past...before his beloved thief is taken from him forever.

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