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Title: Angel of Fire by Tanya Anne Crosby

Tags: Kidnapping,

Published by: Avon
Release Date: April 28 1992
Pages: 374

Devastated by her father's death, Norman noblewoman Chrestien de Lontaine seeks the refuge of a nunnery, vowing to give her love to no man. But that pledge is made before she encounters the towering legend they call the Silver Wolf.

Riding under the blazing banner of a silver wolf, Weston FitzStephens leads King Henrys army—the hated enemy responsible for the death of Chrestien's father. Yet when he takes her captive, the fierce warrior becomes a tender lover who turns Chrestien's rage to wanton desire with each searing touch. Hoping to end the war between their nations, he claims her for his bride, only to discover their battle has just begun...and the golden-haired innocent whose blazing emerald eyes send fire surging through his veins holds all the power in their war of love and passion.

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