Angel In My Bed by Melody Thomas

Title: Angel In My Bed by Melody Thomas
Series: Donally Family #4

Tags: Spy Heroes, Family Saga, England-Victorian Era,

Published by: Avon Books
Release Date: March 28 2006
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 9780060742331

Angel . . . or the devil in disguise?

On one final mission for the Crown, David Donally is hunting for a missing treasure. His only clue is a dazzling, gem-encrusted earring, and it is leading him to the most desirable woman he has ever known . . . an enchanting thief he once seduced and betrayed in the name of duty . . . an exquisite lover he'd believed was dead . . . his wife.

Meg Faraday thought her former life was behind her—until the night the treacherous husband she'd eluded suddenly appeared. By rights she should despise the handsome spy who had captured her heart, then shattered it. But the fire between them still burns, and what was once an irresistible passion has now become a dangerous game of betrayal . . .

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