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Title: Angel In Marble by Elaine Coffman
Series: Mackinnon-Coffman #1

Tags: American-Frontier Era,

Published by: Dell
Release Date: February 5 1991
Pages: 389

Tibbie Buchanan was a heavenly beauty, yet some still whispered about her sins. Her glorious honey-colored hair wouldn't stay hidden under her bonnet. Her drab dresses couldn't hide her alluring curves. Once she'd loved a man who'd ruined her. Now a gifted healer and herbalist, an angel to the sick, she swore she'd neve surrender to passion again.

Life on the frontier had taught Nick Mackinnon some hard lessons. Orphaned young, he'd left Texas to learn a shipbuilder's trade. Richer, lonelier, he came back to realize his dream—a seagoing dynasty. And now Tibbie was part of that dream. But Tibbie had loved before, had known the sting of betrayal, the burden of shame. She would flee from love and the man who ached to free her, the man who saw her imprisoned in the past, an exquisite...Angel In Marble.

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