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Title: Analise by Candace Camp

Tags: American-Civil War Era,

Published by: Harpercollins Publishers
Release Date: June 20 1991
Pages: 384

He swept down from the North, disguised as a Confederate officer, determined to woo the belle of New Orleans, Analise Caldwell - and wrest from her the military secrets her father held. Now, to save a life, the raven-haired Analise must trade her innocence to this Union spy and major, the iron-willed Mark Schaeffer, the man who treats her like pirate booty and possesses her with a jealous fury.

Torn from family and friends, burning with a tenderness she dare not speak, the spirited beauty must survive in a battle-scarred world and fight for the tempestuous love of her captor. For Analise has imprisoned the wild heart of her Yankee foe...and although the city of Spanish moss and French elegance has surrendered - the war of flame-bright passions has just begun..

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