An Outlaw In Wonderland by Lori Austin

Title: An Outlaw In Wonderland by Lori Austin
Series: Once Upon A Time In The West #2

Tags: Cowboy Heroes, Fairy Tale Retellings,

Published by: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: June 3 20113
Pages: 317
ISBN13: 9780451239525

In a time of war, love has its own rewards…

Saving soldiers’ lives at the Confederate army hospital Chimborazo, Annabeth Phelan is no ordinary Southern belle. She’s never known work more exhausting or rewarding. And she’s never known a man like Dr. Ethan Walsh, with his disarming gray eyes and peculiar ways. But now the Confederacy is charging her with another service: find the Union spy at Chimborazo.

Ethan’s one passion is saving lives, and if he can do that by helping to end the war, he will—even if it means spying for the North. He’s gotten used to fooling Confederates, but he can’t bear lying to Annabeth. And together, they are about to discover a new passion—one that could even transcend the chaos of war

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