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Title: All my Dreams by Victoria Chancellor

Tags: American-Colonial,

Published by: Harper Monogram
Release Date: 1992
Pages: 354

All his hopes...
had been dashed when a wrongful conviction sent nobleman Andrew Leyton to America and the auction block. Yet, from the moment he clashed with Wynne Carr, Drew was captivated by the independent Virginia beauty who now owned him.
All her dreams...
had died the day a shocking incident shattered Wynne's young life. Shunned by society, shackled in a sham of a marriage, she buried her yearnings deep inside. Until Drew Leyton came along, awakening her heart and forcing her to choose between duty and desire.
All their love...
couldn't stop a scandal from erupting or save them from a treacherous enemy. Haunted by their pasts, consumed by passion, they risked everything for a dream of happiness.

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