Again by Kathleen Gilles Seidel

Title: Again by Kathleen Gilles Seidel
Series: Hometown Memories #4

Tags: Actor Heroes,

Published by: Onyx
Release Date: September 1 1994
Pages: 378
ISBN13: 9780451405029

Just when your life seems to be going exactly as planned; just when you think you are probably happy; and just when you think there will be no surprises, along comes the love you never knew you needed...

Jenny Cotton is having the time of her life as the head writer of daytime's only historical soap opera. But beneath her dashing sparkle is a vulnerable woman who can't seem to write herself out of a longtime relationship...until Alec Cameron walks before the camera and into her life. Jenny can't imagine being able to love...again.

Alec had perfected his craft with the same broad-shouldered courage that got him through his failed marriage. He thinks of himself as "one of the good guys," and yet he hides wounds no one, including himself, can see. And he can't stand to watch the woman he loves run from happiness... again.

Now, suddenly, the story that unfolds on weekday afternoons is more than just a script for Jenny and Alec—it's their story. But can they see how close they are to happiness, or how close they are to losing it?

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