Across A Wild Sea by Sasha Lord

Title: Across A Wild Sea by Sasha Lord
Series: Wild #3

Tags: Pirate Heroes,

Published by: Signet
Release Date: February 1 2005
Pages: 384
ISBN13: 9780451213877

He is Xanthier O'Bannon—cast out Scotsman, marauding sea captain, feared by all. He has lost his land and birthright—and has nothing left but pride and a lust for revenge.

She is Alannah—a blind, ethereal beauty with an uncanny affinity for the horses that roam wild across the island she calls home. Raised by a strong woman, Alannah has known nothing but peace in her soul.

But when a violent storm casts Xanthier ashore, Alannah innocently surrenders to an untamed desire. And Xanthier makes a promise to protect her—never suspecting how that simple vow will transform his life.

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